I am proud of the relationships that I have cultivated and the value that I bring to an organization, a team or a business.  The recommendations you see below are ones I have worked hard to earn and ultimately they reflect the levels of success that I, and the organizations I have worked in, have been able to realize.  They also have one very important factor in common - they would all recommend me to a prospective employer.

“Greg is a strong operations oriented senior executive who has a demonstrated ability to lead organizations in times of transition.  His ability to clearly lay out a strategic vision and operating plan for the TeleSciences division was a large factor in our investment decision and his ability to adeptly negotiate the complex transaction with a European parent company is a testament to his leadership qualities and perseverance.  I recommend Greg without hesitation or qualification for a senior executive role.”

– Bruce M. Hernandez, Partner, Spire Capital Partners

“Greg was universally respected by his peers as well as the other individuals in the organization.  The breadth of his operational knowledge and experience allows him to provide guidance in virtually any functional area of an organization.  Greg distinguished himself as a trusted, detailed and thoughtful executive of utmost integrity.  His welcome demeanor, and his open and candid communications skills have served him well in building an extremely loyal organization.”

– Kevin Dickens, co-CEO Ariston Global, Board of Directors of TeleSciences, Inc.

“Greg is a highly professional executive. He brings true integrity, diligence and a strong work ethic to everything he does. Greg is very detail oriented and results driven.  His broad experience positions him well as a major contributor in any organization lucky enough to have him.”

– Mark Trudeau, President and CEO, Ventraq, Inc. (formerly TeleSciences, Inc.)

 “Greg’s operational expertise and leadership showed throughout the company in its high quality products, ISO 9001 certification, and consistently high reviews from customers.  Greg exhibited high levels of integrity, as well as great focus on the operational and financial results of the company.  He earned my trust as an individual who always put the company’s interests before his own.  Greg has excellent communication skills and worked well as part of a team.”

– Steve Dubnik, co-CEO Ariston Global, Board of Directors of TeleSciences, Inc.

“Greg was an excellent and trustworthy COO managing the US business in a manner that was highly appreciated by both customers as well as our employees.  I can highly recommend Greg as a results oriented professional senior manager.”

– Asbjorn Eide, Former CEO Telecom Group, EDB Business Partner ASA, Norway. 

"Greg has demonstrated ability in creating strategic direction, driving change and leading diverse organizations under tough market conditions.  He is accomplished at cultivating strategic partnerships and devising win/win solutions.  I strongly recommend Greg to any organization looking for a take charge, results driven executive with an impressive repertoire of leadership skills."

– Shervin Sadighian, Former Director, SBC Communications, (now AT&T)

“Greg exhibits a straightforward communication style on even the hardest of problems. At all times you know exactly where you stand with Greg, and it’s this reasonableness that makes him so successful as the consummate organizer behind all aspects of a business.  His knowledge of software and services delivery is extensive, ranging from product management and marketing through product control, scheduling, finance, quality, delivery and customer care.  His interaction with each internal group and with customers was always clear, judged and considerate.  Greg will be successful at any company that values clear reasoned thinking, combined with boundless energy, and that needs to pay attention to details.” 

– John Loughlin, Chief Technology Officer, TeleSciences, Inc. (now Ventraq, Inc.)

“Greg has extensive management experience at international software organizations, including product management, marketing, finance, quality, and customer care. In his role as CEO, he demonstrated a clear, straightforward and trustworthy communication style that was valued by customers, corporate management, and internal groups spanning different countries and cultures. Greg’s primary strengths are clear reasoning and operational excellence.”

– Arnhild Schia, Former CEO Telecom Group, EDB Business Partner ASA, Norway.

 “Greg was one of the most professional, dedicated, talented, and hard working employees I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His technical knowledge and practical business approach were tremendous assets to our management team.  No matter the task or assignment, Greg was able to exceed expectations.  His work was outstanding.”

– Mike Moore, Former CEO, EDB Telesciences, Inc.

“Greg has a remarkable can-do attitude, while maintaining consideration for others and achieving results.  Of high integrity, he has a natural ability to ‘manage up’ the organization as well as down, and with his peers.  Greg also receives very high loyalty from those who work for him. Greg is a totally dependable person to have in any organization.”

– Andy Maunder, Former CEO, Securicor Telesciences, Inc.

“Greg is an adaptable Senior Executive of high integrity with a broad background of managing diverse organizations in fast paced, highly challenging environments.  Greg brings many skills to the table, is a problem solver and provides significant value to any organization which he is a member.”

– Richard Neil, Former Vice President of Customer Care, TeleSciences, Inc.

“Greg is a very seasoned senior manager with a wealth of experience. He knows what it takes to run and scale an organization.  Greg is a consummate professional and gentleman, and I would love to work with him again at some point in the future.”

– Curtis Begley, Former VP Global Sales, TeleSciences, Inc.

“Greg seemed to have an unlimited capacity for managing the day-to-day activities of his operations team. His management skills were second to none.  He never asked more of anyone than he did of himself.  Greg expected you to perform at a high level, but was always there to help and recommend ways for improvement.”

– Rich Kraus, VP Sales, TeleSciences, Inc., (now Ventraq, Inc.)

“Greg was the consummate professional in his various roles at TeleSciences. I had the opportunity to work quite closely with Greg for a number of years and found Greg to be a true leader, always displaying professionalism and integrity. No matter what the task at hand, Greg could always define the approach, consider all angles, and set the path to resolution.”

–Mark Lukens, Controller, TeleSciences, Inc., (now Ventraq, Inc)

“Greg is a dynamic leader whose forthright manner and interpersonal skills made for a satisfying work environment. Greg’s drive, energy and level of commitment to the company confirmed him to be a consummate professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in his personnel.”

– Dave Rizzo, Former Director, Product Management, TeleSciences, Inc.

“Greg was extremely dedicated, both to the company and to the folks on the team.  He always brought a level of professionalism and eagerness to the table.  Greg was always looking to determine how we could meet our goals, as well as trying to determine how he could apply his creative management style towards defining even higher objectives.”

– Bob Muhaw, Former Director Sales, Telesciences, Inc.

“Greg was an excellent mentor, with a very thorough understanding of Materials Management and Operations.  Greg was very enthusiastic with great interpersonal skills and a high energy level. He was very much results focused, but took the time to develop teams and personal relationships in a way that is uncommon in business today.”

– Joe Pendergast, Former Materials Management, Northern Telecom