Selected Accomplishments

    As President and CEO of TeleSciences:
    • Led management buy-out of the $15M Mediation Division, including all product intellectual property rights, from EDB Business Partner ASA (Oslo, Norway).
    • Secured $25M investment capital commitment from Spire Capital Partners (private equity firm with $600M under management) and Ariston Global to build a portfolio of operational support system companies with TeleSciences as the platform company.
    • Retained major customer account relationships and renewed annual customer support agreements comprising 50% of total revenue during the transition of ownership.
    • Reshaped corporate culture from Engineering mindset to Sales & Marketing / Customer driven focus.
    As COO of EDB Telesciences:
    • Restructured and reduced costs in US and abroad by 25% in first year while meeting customer delivery schedules and maintaining high service levels. 
    • Directed all operations and support activities delivering projects for product and services worldwide. Generated $22M (on average) revenue annually, while optimizing cash collections and managing customer expectations.
    • Negotiated general purchase and supply agreements totaling over $35M in revenue (over 4 years and with 10% margin improvement) with customers and partners worldwide for turnkey solutions. (e.g., Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Cegetel (France), Cisco, Hutchinson Microtel (UK), Nortel Networks, NYNEX, Qwest, and Siemens)
    As Vice President Operations Support of Securicor Telesciences:
    • Achieved 100% renewal rate and generated annual support revenues of over $8M by spearheading company-wide ‘Customer Satisfaction Plan’ to correct quality deficiencies in major software and hardware releases.
    • Consolidated and integrated operations for multiple acquisitions, saving over $4.5M per annum, without disruption of customer delivery schedules or degradation of service levels.
    • Managed $2.4M facility construction and relocation project on time and within budget.
    • Planned and implemented both domestic and international installation projects utilizing partners, in-house and subcontract resources, generating revenues of $4.8M annually.